Selected Papers

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2017. (with María Luisa Rivero and Andrés Salanova). Aspect and tense in evidentials. Forthcoming in Arregui et al. (eds), Modality across syntactic categories, Oxford University Press.

2016. Counterfactuals: if kangaroos had no tails….. In Matthewson et al. (eds.), The companion to semantics. Oxford: Wiley. (submitted)

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2014. (with María Luisa Rivero and Andrés Salanova). Cross-linguistic variation in imperfectivity. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32(2): 307-362.

2014. Aspectual operators across languages: a commentary on the paper by Daniel Altshuler. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32(3): 778-789.

2012. (with María Luisa Rivero). Building involuntary states in Slavic.In V. Demonte and L. MacNally (eds) Telicity and change of state in natural language. Oxford University Press, 300-332.

2011. Counterfactual-style revisions and the semantics of deontic modals.. Journal of Semantics 28(2): 171-201.

2010. Detaching if-clauses from ‘should’.Natural Language Semantics 18(3): 2410293.

2010. (with María Luisa Rivero and Ewelina Frackowiak). Variation in circumstantial modality. Linguistic Inquiry 41(4): 701-714.

2009. On similarity in counterfactuals.Linguistics and Philosophy 32(3): 245-278.

2008. Examining Domain-Widening. Revised version of “Some remarks on domain widening”, in N. Abner and J. Bishop (eds.), Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Sommerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

2007. When aspect matters: the case of ‘would’ conditionals.Natural Language Semantics (15):3, 2210264.

2007. Being ‘me’, being ‘you’: pronoun puzzles in modal contexts.. In E. Puig Walmuller (ed.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 12, Oslo.

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2006. (With Charles Clifton Jr. , Lyn Frazier and Keir Moulton). Processing elided VPs with flawed antecedents: the recycling hypothesis. Journal of Memory and Language 55: 232-246.

2005.  Layering modalities. NLLT-finalR layering-modalities. Ms. Presented it the Symposium “Language under uncertainty”, Kyoto University, 2005.

2005.  On the accessibility of possible worlds: the role of tense and aspect. (PhD dissertation)

 Other work

(2003). A study of the semantic predictions of quantificational NPs. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Occasional Papers 27: On semantic processing. (ed. Alonso-Ovalle), GLSA Publications, 27-52.

(2001) with Lisa Matthewson.  A cross-linguistic perspective on the expression of manner. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 11 (eds. Hasting, Jackson & Zvolensky), Ithaca, CLC Publications.

(2001). Avoid-F in ACD. Proceedings of NELS 31 (eds. Kim & Strauss), GLSA Publications.

(1998) with Kiyomi Kusumoto. Tense in temporal adjunct clauses. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 8 (eds. Strolovitch & Lawson). Ithaca, CLC Publications.